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Innovative application of mesh cloth - knitted upper

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Innovative application of mesh cloth - knitted upper

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3d mesh cloth innovative application - weave upper

Mesh for the more special upper material, for the requirements of light and breathable shoes, such as running shoes. In short, it is actually made of cloth with the upper, but of course, through the movement to strengthen, the general use of special fiber and scientific high-intensity network design, the use of 3D dies made of woven materials with the best vamp permeability, elasticity , So that it is easy to fit, which is now NIKE shoes do not launch the shoes of the more reason, there are lightweight, and can easily use a variety of means to make all kinds of dyeing fashion personality style, it can be said , NIKE every year to use this series to lift a fashion trend, such as the new element series.

Beginning in 2001, it is put forward the concept of fashionable vamps, we can say is really a tricks of a material. NIKE MESH is often used with another TPU elastic structure, monkey claws, fish bones, net claws and other support systems, such as the butterfly in the wind ah, and so on, and then applied to other shoe body. Think about it, NIKE is too good at slag each design of all the juice, and now generally, the mesh material in two, one is the use of 3D extension technology to create dynamic 3D mesh Lycra spandex-mesh, the use of dynamic stretch Fiber, as used in the shoe cover (Lycra) on the kind of direction with a strong stretch of elastic material comfort, but also extensive use in almost all lightweight running shoes such as Air Presto Gym new element series, Air Jet Flight, wind The butterfly, Presto Cage and so on.

Another type, in fact, is really mature in the last two years, along with the SHOX series began a large-scale market, the injection molding of a mesh cloth, more than the above, like cortical materials, fabric and cortical fabric of the common characteristics And appearance, the representative is NIKE SHOX R4 (+), Air Max Tailwind series. A small part of this material improved even after the upper waterproof.

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