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Sandwich mesh cloth

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Sandwich seat cushions

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Sandwich seat cushions

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Car seat directly related to the owner's health, and the owner of the car is closely related to the quality of life in the purchase of cushion products not only look at the product design, the more important is the inherent quality of the product, those high-quality fine fashion Car seat cushion will be the first choice of noble owners, is a new era of fashion development of mainstream products.

The preferred course is a four seasons car seat sandwich.

Sandwich Seat Cushion Sandwich Seat Cushion Sandwich Seat Cushion Sandwich Seat Cushion Sandwich Seat Cushion Sandwich Seat Cushion

Three D fabrics from the upper, middle and lower three surface composition. Surface is usually mesh design, and the middle layer to connect the surface and bottom of the MOLO yarn, the bottom surface is usually woven flat surface, commonly known as "sandwich", also known as breathing the mesh.

The advantage is good ventilation, easy cleaning, wear-resistant deformation also anti-mildew antibacterial.

Kyushu exhibition in February have been to the Royal horse booth should be found, this year's Royal Horse is simply "color" without fear, colorful products, feast for the eyes.

This sandwich car seat is no exception, it has big red, almond, color blue, dark purple, brown, classic black and other 6 colors to choose from, so boring and monotonous away from your life.

The whole design at first glance in addition to the color gratifying, it seems no bright spots. But a closer look there is a IKEA furniture presented by the simple beauty.

Installed into the car, while losing face while creating a simple fashion style. On the fabric, it is with the beginning of our science over sandwich fabric, breathable comfort, constant temperature seasons.

The design of the front of the mesh, breathable and excellent, while not easy to play ball; cushion inside the filler, the use of high-density sponge, soft and comfortable, full of elastic; back of the silicone hungry design, anti-skid design of the safety factor increases. After the measurement, the entire cushion is only 2.33mm thick, ultra-thin light, better reduction of vehicle space.

This seat also has a very powerful feature, it is free to tie design.

No straps of the shackles, beautiful at the same time more conducive to the airbag pop-up, more secure security.

Certainly someone laugh at my IQ, and you are not want to say better to avoid tying the airbag pop-up, safe, but the seat is not easy to fix a slip easy to slip, driving more dangerous?

I know someone would think so, then to uncover the true face of free artifacts, and it is the bottom of those natural silica gel particles. Strong adsorption so that it can firmly hold the seat does not shift.

Mentioned security, this seat cushion front and rear seats with the seat is split design, rear armrest position with a separate zipper, while reserving the seat buckle position, the details of design, is also intimate.

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