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Influence of Single Layer Mesh Fabric Yarn on Textile Product

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Influence of Single Layer Mesh Fabric Yarn on Textile Product

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1 warmth

Single-layer mesh fabric structure and warmth of clothing have a certain relationship, because the structure of the yarn can determine the formation of static air between the fiber layer. 3D mesh cloth

Yarn structure fluffy, more gaps in the fabric, the formation of the air layer, no wind, the still more air, warm and good; and when the wind, the air can smoothly through the yarn, so the cooler is better.

For the tight structure of the yarn, woven by the fabric structure is relatively tight, so the air flow is blocked, the warmth is better; and too close structure, the fabric of air retention decreased, that is still air reduction, then Warm and poor.

2. Hygroscopicity

The hygroscopicity of the yarn depends on the fiber characteristics and the yarn structure. Such as filament yarn smooth, woven into the fabric easily attached to the body, if the fabric is relatively tight, moisture is difficult to penetrate the fabric. Staple fiber yarn surface furry, reduce contact with the skin, improve the permeability, so comfortable to wear.

Second, the single-layer mesh fabric yarn structure on the durability of the impact

① yarn tensile strength, flexibility and wear resistance of the impact of clothing durability. Affected by the yarn structure.

② yarn structure on the pilling of the impact of performance: filament yarn in a fiber fracture, one end is still attached to the yarn, the end of their own curling fracture, the friction from the ball; blended staple yarn, cohesion poor, easy Prolapse.

③ on the elasticity

Staple fiber: the external force on the spun yarn, staple fiber from the curl is straightened, cancel the external force, which can restore the elasticity; and in the staple fiber is straightened to continue after the force, the staple will slip between Move or slip off, then cancel the external force will produce irreversible deformation.

Filament Yarn: Applies an external force to a filament yarn, which, due to its non-crimp nature, depends on the properties of the fiber and therefore its elasticity is small. 4D mesh cloth

Twist on the elasticity of single-layer mesh cloth also has a greater impact: twist yarn, fiber friction is greater, so in the elastic range, it is not easy to be stretched, elastic relatively poor; and twist small yarn, Friction between the fibers is relatively small, relatively easy to stretch, good elasticity.

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