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Sandwich mesh cloth

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Sandwich fabric seat cover car solution

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Sandwich fabric seat cover car solution

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1. usually sandwiches:

Block sets of highlights is the sandwich mesh and linen cooler mats, and today we talk about the primary sandwich mesh,

Top: What's Sandwiches: Sandwiches are a fabric of sandwiches

Mainly for the car, sportswear, luggage, etc., used by the strong. The appearance is mesh (larger circular mesh), sandwich mesh cloth

Under the layer of dense network, making the appearance of the network will not be too much deformation, enhance the fabric fastness and color. Mesh effect makes the car more modern and sporty!

The middle of the fabric composite thin sponge, making the fabric more plump and flexible, comfortable sitting; sandwich mesh cloth

The bottom of the fabric and then compound the non-woven, with a lock water function, therefore, even if the liquid dumped in the car, sandwich mesh cloth

But also to adhere to a longer time does not directly penetrate into the appearance of the seat, the use of cotton and linen fabric manufacturing original seat has a very useful maintenance function! (Note: In fact, this is usually sandwiches) sandwich mesh cloth

Good ventilation is another highlight of sandwiches, so sportswear and other similar materials are often used. Seat cover selection of the fabric,

Help long drive time, in the waist, legs have fresh feeling. (But the sandwich fabric selection but there are several different levels of fabric, in the outermost layer of mesh, hole small,

Cloth thin offer is relatively low, the current composite sandwich fabric after the thickness of the market should be 3-4 mm,

If the fabric used is low-level, the thickness is about 2 mm, and the contact feel is not good. )

2: How to distinguish between good and bad sandwiches and is not a car-specific type: car-specific Wangwen Shengyi, that is completely in accordance with your model to you to make your seat structure corresponding to the seat cover, the scale of the distance 0.3-0.5 Mm and did not use any elastic fabric to do, I believe the faithful know that the elastic fabric, in the universal seat cover is very common, but the defect is playing a long time in the future, there will be loose state collapse, But the sandwich fabric is not any flexibility, but some manufacturers do not use sandwich cloth to do all-inclusive car, and many businesses in the back seat of the seat with the cloth is not sandwiches But elastic cotton, as well as some rubber band in the headrest sleeve, is really dedicated car should be used with Velcro, rubber band as long as the time will appear elastic question, in addition to these points is to see the weight of the product ~ The inferior product sandwich light,

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