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Sandwich mesh cloth

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  • Sandwich seat cushions

    Car seat directly related to the owner's health, and the owner of the car is closely related to the quality of life ...
    Published:2016-12-22   Clicks:247

  • Textile industry to "go out"

    Chinese culture has a long history, broad and profound, the textile industry is a deep culture, in the feudal period, Ch...
    Published:2016-12-22   Clicks:123

  • Innovative application of mesh cloth - knitted upper

    3d mesh cloth innovative application - weave upperMesh for the more special upper material, for the requirements of ligh...
    Published:2016-12-15   Clicks:71

  • Tennis shoes and running shoes

    Mesh cloth in our daily life is widely used, the main advantages of the following three categories:First, the main mesh ...
    Published:2016-12-15   Clicks:26

  • Mesh fabrics affect the development of the knitting industry

    The appearance of 3d mesh fabric directly affected the vigorous development of knitting industryWith the rapid developme...
    Published:2016-12-15   Clicks:23

  • What is the difference between mesh cloth and sandwich mesh?

    3d mesh cloth and sandwich mesh What is the differenceMesh cloth and sandwich mesh, shape is very close, generally not a...
    Published:2016-12-15   Clicks:21

  • Sandwich mesh cloth

    Sandwich Mesh Fabric Fabric is a synthetic fabric woven by warp knitting machine.Sandwich stylesSandwich fabric from the...
    Published:2016-11-10   Clicks:52


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