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Sandwich mesh cloth

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  • The advantages of sandwich mesh shoes

    Our products mainly include air mesh cloth, 3D mesh cloth, 4D mesh cloth and other mesh cloth series. Our products are w...
    Published:2016-12-22   Clicks:195

  • 3D sandwich mesh cloth application information

    3D mesh cloth for a variety of industries, there are some special end customers. A survey of the industrial textiles mar...
    Published:2016-12-19   Clicks:119

  • Sandwich mesh is softer the better

    Sandwich mesh feel softness after-treatment can be adjusted. Soft or soft point is good or hard point is good? This depe...
    Published:2016-12-19   Clicks:104

  • How to Distinguish the Quality of Sandwich Mesh Cloth Products

    Sandwich mesh breathable, with a lock function, and now the clothing industry is also more widely used, that the followi...
    Published:2016-12-15   Clicks:29

  • Thickened sandwich mesh use

    Now people pay attention to environmental protection, simple, comfortable and so on. In life, the demand for thickened s...
    Published:2016-12-15   Clicks:26

  • 3d mattress features

    3D mesh cloth mat What are the characteristics?Transparent, tough, quiet, cool, environmental protection, durable, washa...
    Published:2016-12-15   Clicks:21

  • Learn about 3D mesh cloth

    The so-called 3d mesh cloth is 3d mesh-shaped holes in the fabric fabric. With different equipment can weave different m...
    Published:2016-12-15   Clicks:25

  • 3d mesh cloth series market

    3d mesh cloth knitted warp 3d mesh cloth is the rise of new fabrics in recent years, a wide range of mesh shape round, d...
    Published:2016-12-15   Clicks:149


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