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Sandwich mesh cloth

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Mesh cloth D85

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Mesh cloth D85


Has been widely used in sports shoes and apparel, luggage, seat covers, and other different areas. Sandwich fabric mainly has the following characteristics:

1: Good air permeability and moderate adjustment. Dimensional mesh structure, it is known as the breath of the mesh. Compared to other flat fabrics, the sandwich fabric breathable, and through the air circulation, the surface to maintain comfortable and dry.

2: Unique elastic function. Sandwich fabric mesh structure, in the production process after a high-temperature stereotypes. When subjected to external forces, the direction can be extended along the force, when the pulling force to reduce the withdrawal, the mesh can be restored to its original shape. Material both in the horizontal and vertical to maintain a certain rate of elongation, but will not loose deformation.

3: wear-resistant, never pilling. Sandwich fabric is made of tens of thousands of polymer synthetic fiber yarn, refined from the oil out. It is made of warp knitting, which is not only strong, able to withstand high tensile strength and tear, but also smooth and comfortable.

4: anti-mildew and anti-bacterial. Materials through the anti-mildew antibacterial treatment, can inhibit the breeding of bacteria.

5: easy to clean and dry. Sandwich fabrics can be hand-washed, machine-washed, dry-cleaned and easy to clean. Three-layer ventilation structure, ventilation is easy to dry.


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